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Miraculous Moisturising

Hyaluronic acid is capable of binding great quantities of water. It plays an important role in retaining the skin's moisture, elasticity and firmness. Through the multi-active hyaluronic acid complex contained in the hyaluronic range. The skin's own moisture reserves are reactivated and replenished. This intelligent multi-stage system boosts the skin from within. Structuring peptides support this intensively hydrating and softly moulding skincare effect. 

Increases skin moisture after only 2 hours by up to 79%




Vitamin Power For Your Skin

Vitamin Skin Care

Vitamins are truly multi-talented. They are amngst the essential nutrients, with both minerals and micronutrients. They also serve as excellent antioxidants and support the development of the skin's own collagen. In skincare products they help protect you from harmful enviromental factors and give pallid, tired skin new radiance and energy. 

The daily vitamin-rich Fresh-Boost for your skin



Sensiplus +

Sensitive Sensual

The intensive skincare program for sensitive skin. Sensiplus wraps your skin in silk, Senitive skin in particular requires gentle, regular and highly tolerable cosmetics. Sensiplus smoothes and cares without restricting the natural function of the skin and stabilises without strain. All sensiplus products are free from colourings, presevatives and mineral oils and contain silk molecules and ingredients you can trust. Silk molecules act as tiny songes, preserving up to 300 times their weight in moisture, and are therefore ideal thirst quenchers for dry, sensitive skin. Furthermore, active agents in silkprotect against UV-radiation and leave your complexion truly glowing. 

Silk molecules can store up to 300 times their weight in moisture


Golden Skin

Luxurious Regneration

With 23- carat gold and caviar. The exclusive combination of ingredients with 23- carat gold, caviar, immucell and honey supports cell regneratin for a glowing, radiant complexion. The micronutrients, proteins and minerals contained withing the caviar activate the regeneration and moisture-locking properties for a revitalised, fully lifted, elastic complexion. 

Improved lift, elasticity, suppleness and moisture
                                                                               by up to 38% after 28 days. 




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